Tuxedomoon’s Charm

Tuxedomoon’s genre is leaning towards dark, jazz, and new wave. Their music is inspired by so many elements. Tuxedomoon’s charm comes from their uniqueness and their ability to bring fresh ideas in their music. The forming of the band was accidental, but fate brought them together, so we can enjoy a new flavor of music we’ve never heard before. Let Tuxedomoon entice you with their irresistible charm. This band is timeless and so is their music.

The Members:

Blaine Reininger

This guy got a gift of music. He can do so many things for the band and can play almost any musical instrument. He founded Tuxedomoon along with Steven Brown which opened new opportunities for him. He became a notable artist not only in the area of music but also in theater. He collaborated with other artists. He wrote quite many songs you’ll hear in a cheap accommodation at Amsterdam city trip. As a songwriter, composer, singer, and band member, he pursues life by following his inspirations. Most of the songs you’ll hear from him are based on true-life.

Di PatOmar - Steven Brown

Steven Brown

Like Blaine, Steven is a multi-instrumentalist, too. They are Tuxedomoon’s dynamic duo and the band’s main players. In 1983, Steven started his career as a solo artist and collaborated with artists. Blaine rejoined the band in 1987 and they started to write songs again. He composed quite a lot of instrumentals, and some of them, you can hear in van Gogh Museum in Dresden Amsterdam. Steven composed music for film and theater in which he got an award from the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Peter Principle

Peter was the iconic bassist of Tuxedomoon. He was known for having an experimentalist attitude. He would indulge in music and be not afraid to get lost in the process. His presence in the band helped Tuxedomoon stand out from the rest. He died while preparing for a world tour due to a heart attack. His band members were all shocked.  He might no longer be with us, but the songs that he wrote will stay with us.

peter principle

Luc Van Lieshout

No one can play the trumpet as good as Luke. His presence brought some jazz to Tuxedomoon’s music. He’s been in the band for 8 years. He used to move from one band to another before Tuxedomoon. But when he found Tuxedomoon, he finally found a home. Though Tuxedomoon has put on hold their world tours and live performances, you would still find Luc performing in dinner cruise Amsterdam.

Tuxedomoon Upcoming Concerts Update

Tuxedomoon will have a major comeback. Expect to see more of them, so sign up to receive updates regarding their world tour.