Half-mute is one of their longest albums after a break. It is the second album they released after “No tears”. Needless to say, “Half-Mute” is a very depressing album. The arrangements are bleak that brings you to a lugubrious atmosphere. For sure, it is not a typical song you’ll hear during an Amsterdam top sightseeing trip. But if you’ll listen attentively, you’ll get what Blaine wants us to understand.

“Tritone (Musica Diablo)”
“Fifth Column”
“59 to 1”
“7 Years”

Experimental Album

micWhen Tuxedomoon was composing the songs of this album, they were heavily influenced by other rock artists. It supposed to be a major album after a short break; however, it didn’t sit on the spotlight. It could be because the album is vague and sparse, so people didn’t get what they are trying to convey in this album. They mixed sounds and played with the vocals. Hearing the songs of this album being played in a rental Amsterdam sightseeing boat tour will bring nostalgia and chills in your spine.

How Did the Fans React

Fans opinion to the album was 50/50. Some people loved the album because the music was so deep. Some people hated it because of the ambiguity in the album. According to some, Half-Mute is uninteresting and probably Tuxedomoon’s worst album. But for music analysts, Half-Mute is one of the most daring music 1980s. It has a daring message. The ambiguity is normal because this is an experimental album. The goal of Tuxedomoon is to create a new genre by discovering mixes.


Half-Mute Album Meaning

Tuxedomoon wants to express their disgust in the status quo and unfairness in our society. The songs also discuss how repetitive life is. There is what we call a routine to go to renting a bike in Amsterdam City tour and other places. Tuxedomoon wants us to be aware of the routine. We should come out of the routine once in a while to experience life truly. Tuxedomoon wants us to be free from the standards that were dumped on us. According to their lyrics, “this is your history”, this is “our history”, we should own it.