Holy Wars


Holy Wars was released by the help of the American Post Punk. In this album, the didn’t withhold their creativity over minimalism. They went all out. Holy Wars is a dark and mysterious album of Tuxedomoon using the elements of Jazz, Art Rock, and New Wave. Their album cover is a field of surrounding trees on a beautiful day, but with a burning object that distracts us away from that beauty. The songs from this album have been played numerous times in Amsterdam Heineken experience. Some people commented that “Holy Wars” is a prophecy of disturbing times.

“The Waltz”
“St. John”
“In a Manner of Speaking”
“Some Guys”
“Watching the Blood Flow”

Far from the “Total Minimalist”

In this album, Tuxedomoon indulges in their music. They use a different variety of styles and compiled them into an album. This is far from what they have released before. Here, they added more words into the lyrics, added beats, and notes that they don’t usually do in the previous albums. Holy Wars album is still up online with voucher codes for express shipping promo and COD. It’s a masterpiece that everyone should listen to.

Reactions from the Fans

songThe fans were surprised at how this album is different from the previous releases. The fans got used to the dark and minimalist way of Tuxedomoon. But here, Tuxedomoon captivated their senses. Madame Tussaud also liked this album compared to their previous releases. Though some find this album long and boring, many fans would agree that this album is one of the best albums released for 18 years at that time.

Story Behind the Album

During the creation of this album, there were conflicts in the government. There were controversies of war and doom. Tuxedomoon wrote songs that have something to do with war. They discuss types of “Holy Wars” we fight every day such as spiritual war and external war. Tuxedomoon rather prophetically presented the songs. It’s quite disturbing to know what to do in Amsterdam for groups after a war. Everything will not be the same. Everything will be broken including the unseen. It’s a depressing album, yet it offers some realizations we need to remember.