Vapour Trails

According to sources, Vapour Trails album is just a continuation of their album “Holy Wars”.

rockstarLike other daring artists such as Supersilent, Tuxedomoon are used to moving the concept of traditional jazz into new and exciting realms. With ‘Kubrick’, Tuxedomoon created a new style with highly-textured jazz-tinged soundscape which sounds like a contemplative Wayne Shorter jamming over thick slabs of dark ambience and unsettling choral chants. It’s one of those albums worth purchasing using your I Amsterdam card along with a promo code gift card for a discounted price.

“Muchos Colores”
“Still Small Voice”
“Big Olive”
“Dark Temple”
“Epso Meth Lama”
“Wading Into Love”

Sophistication and Chants

In Vapour Trails Album, Tuxedomoon show-off what they can do with their music. They took it to another level by using music rituals and long-forgotten music instruments. The whole addition of these elements took listeners experience to a different dimension – using coupon in app to access. They also incorporated Epso Meth Lama in this album. ‘Epso Meth Lama’ is a progressive yet disorienting fusion of jazz-rock and choral chanting. It will be played over an ever-growing deep-techno that will put you on a spell in no time.

Reactions from the Fans

The “Holy War” album gained respect from the fans even from mere listeners of their music. This album, “Vapour Trails” sent their fans into a rave. At the time of releasing this album, their music is everywhere even in cheap Amsterdam hotels. This is the part where Tuxedomoon redeemed themselves from bad growtraffic reviews about their previous album.


Story Behind the Album

Tuxedomoon was greatly inspired by the unprecedented events around the world. The chaos that humanity has been suffering from had evolved into a greater mess. Vapour Trails album is about the chains that hinder us from achieving piece. It reflects on a world of amsterdam zoo where humans are not functioning to their highest potential. All members of the band took the time and put their years of study in music into this album. Through the connections they made over the years, they were able to source phased out musical instruments and incorporate them in this album. Vapour Trails Album is one of their successful albums to date.